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We focus on promoting fellowship among our members, improving our skills, participating in PSA & NWCCC competitions, and stimulating interest in all branches of photography through:   

  • Club meetings, both in-person and Zoom
  • Photography outings
  • Competitions: print, projection, monthly theme
  • Educational resources pages, classes, and guest speakers
  • TPS Spring Print Photo contest open to PNW photographers
  • TPS Annual Competition & Award Banquet, & Holiday party

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 To see more September Projection Competition results, first Log In and then go to Competition > Competition Results or click here


Discovery Park Field Trip
    By Diana Warren
Come join in on the fun photographing beautiful old forest trees at Discovery Park in Seattle this coming Wednesday, September 28 at 10 am. We will meet in the South parking lot, located on West Emerson Street. There is an easy, short walk to some of the trees from this parking lot; however, there are more trees and views to discover for those who want to complete the Loop trail which starts and ends in the south parking lot. Please pack food and water. 
Please let me know if you are coming. Contact me through the TPS email program at Membership > Send Email To Members or  click here
Google map:   https://www.google.com/maps/place/Discovery+Park/@47.6581357,-122.4104359,15.94z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x519842caa4fa6320!8m2!3d47.6613197!4d-122.4171413




Entries Are Now Open For The Northwest Council Of Camera Clubs'
Three Fall Competitions:

  • Open Print Salon
  • Open Digital Salon
  • Digital Slideshow Competition

Rules and entry information can be found at https://nwcameraclubs.org/competitions/

The entry deadline for all three competitions is October 1!

You can submit Digital Entries through the NWCCC website link. If you did not turn in your images at the September 15 meeting, there is a mailing address on the NWCCC website under the 2022 Open Print Salon green  Rules and Entry  button, or click here. For small prints, at least, this is a viable option as the cost of mailing several small prints in a rigid mailer envelope is usually only a couple of dollars.  The Conference dates are November 12-17, 2022.



Scavenger Hunt - Puyallup Fair - September 21

Hopefully, many of you will participate in our scavenger hunt--the more the merrier! Don’t feel like you have to submit an image for every word. Even 3 or 4 images would be great. The rules are flexible to encourage lots of participation. Instructions on how to upload your images on our new website will follow soon! The Deadline to submit images is October 20th! This is NOT a competition!  The images will not be judged or voted on by TPS members.

The fair opens at 10:30 am. Let’s meet at the photo exhibit at 5 pm and go to dinner. Please let Kathy know if you are planning to attend. Have fun walking around to find photo opportunities that represent this list of words.  Fair photos are encouraged, but it’s also OK to mine your libraryIf you can't make it on the 21st, feel free to go to the Fair another day, or you can go through your photo library to find images.  You can even use photographs you took somewhere else--it doesn't have to be at the Fair.  The most important thing is your participation and having fun!  Each "word" is open to your interpretation.  Anything goes.  Please note that the Fair is closed on Tuesdays.

File sizes should match what we use for TPS competitions (1920 wide x 1080 high), JPEG, sRGB, and 80% quality.  Label your images like this: Beautiful Light

1.  Angle
2.  On the Edge
3.  Fear
4.  Harmony
5.  Down Low
6.  Beautiful Light
7.  Vivid Colors 

8.   Daily Life
9.   Joy
10.  Movement
11.  Line/Shape
12.  Self Portrait
13.  Strength
14.  Delicious

15.  Change of Seasons
16.  Abstract
17.  Red
18.  Three of a Kind
19.  Sign
20.  Tired

21.  Repeating Patterns
22.  Intergenerational
23.  Human Face
24.  Free Choice #1
25.  Free Choice #2
26.  Free Choice #3




September Photography Competitions:Dorinda Wills

You must be a member to compete in monthly print and projections competitions. 

Please Note: Society members are limited to competing ONLY in the "Monthly Theme" category for all monthly Print and Projection Competitions. Division Affiliate members are allowed to compete in BOTH the "Monthly Theme" AND in the "Open" category (any subject) for all print and projection competitions.  If you are currently a Society member, you may upgrade your membership to Division Affiliate so you can compete in both the "Monthly Theme" and "Open" categories by clicking here and select Upgrade Society to Division $20.00 USD.  Please upgrade today to start competing in more categories and have more fun!

October 5, 2022 Projected Image Competition - This month's Theme is "Spooky"

Submit Images - September 17-24 - Closed
Judge and Vote - September 25-October 2
Review Meeting - Wednesday, October 5
Social time 6:30-7 pm with a review & optional critiques 7-9 pm on Zoom

To submit images to the October 5 Projection Competition go to:  Competitions > Submit Images For Print or Projection  OR  click here  Remember, do not include your name or the words "For Comment" or "Not For Comment" in the title of your images.  With this new website's features, there are other places to specify that.

September 15 Print Competition Results - Congratulations to the following Print Competition Winners:

  • 1st Place Open Division - Dorinda Wills for "Hydrangea"
  • 2nd Place Open Division (2-way tie)
    • Maria DeKoker for "Ouch!"
    • Larry Michelson for "Early Morning"
  • 3rd Place Open Division - Richard Price for "Kissed by the Sun"
  • Honorable Mention Open Division (3-way tie)
    • Douglas Hall for "Songbird"
    • Larry Michelson for "Reflections"
    • Richard Price for "Leaves B-W"
  • 1st Place Theme Division - Bob Wills for "Feet X-Ray" (Look Down)

For more projection & print competition details, click here



Field Trips
   By Judi Kubes

Interested in more field trips??  Know a great place to shoot but would like some company?  Have a place you always wanted to visit but feel it is not safe to go alone? Get outdoors at night before the weather turns too cold and rainy.  Is there a business that doesn't normally allow photographers to take pictures or won't allow you to bring a tripod?  Maybe the TPS can arrange special admission for our members.

The Field Trip Committee needs YOUR help to get TPS out shooting together!  You do not have to teach or be an expert in anything.  Just pick a place, make a plan, invite all members, and have fun!  We all need to help make our club a fun, exciting, educational, and photo buddy-building place.  TPS is what we all decide to put into it, or not.  So yes, if you want the best darn photo club anywhere, then we need YOUR help!!  This is an easy way to earn a service point so you can progress in rank from the points you earned in competitions. Did you know that you can't progress in rank from competition points unless you have also earned a Service Point during that calendar year?  You must earn a minimum of 1 Service Point each year in order to progress in rank.  Volunteering is the best and easiest way to do that. Field trips, presentations, workshops, tutorials, etc. are fun ways to accomplish that.

Please contact Judi with your ideas of where and when to go shooting.  To contact Judi, log in first, then Go to Membership > Send Email to Members and look for her name.





Bird Photography: Photos, Gear, Tips, and Shared Experiences

Steve Russell, one of our most distinguished members, will give a presentation on bird photography on November 3, 2022, from 7-9 pm at the Waller Road Grange.

Maximizing your chances of getting quality bird images is enhanced by an understanding of light, background, camera settings, bird behavior, and having the right gear. Through examples of bird photos from across the country, we will discuss each of these factors and tap into the wealth of experience in the audience to discover that there is more than one way to be successful.

Steve Russell completed Rocky Mountain School of Photography's 13-week Summer Intensive in 2009 and has since become an avid nature photographer, occasionally dabbling in human events. He won an Honorable Mention honor in the International 2015 Audubon Photography Contest, had his bridge photo used in the Tacoma Art Museum's "We Are Mighty Tacoma" wall-sized banner, and has been honored locally for many photo submissions. Now retired, Steve enjoys spending time reading, writing, bike riding, traveling, and getting to the wild spaces whenever possible.

The Olympia and Rainier Hills photo clubs have been invited to attend this special presentation, so come early to get a good seat!

Waller Road Grange - 2708 64th Street East - Tacoma, WA 98404       Google Map

See Steve's art at Russell Photography




Astrophotography at Mount Rainier Judi Kubes 2022

   By Judi Kubes, July 2022

On July 25th a group of 13 adventurous TPS members, both new and old, traveled to Sunrise in Mount Rainier National Park to capture the Milky Way.  We met in the late afternoon for dinner and discussed how to shoot the beautiful night skies on the mountain. 

After a discussion and answer session, we embarked on our journey to Sunrise.  We arrived in time for sunset so everyone could look around and decide on their favorite location for the evening.  Most of the new members stayed with me so I could give them any help they would need. The weather cooperated and everyone captured great photos they were very pleased with! 

I am quite impressed with our new members both photographically as well as socially.  It was a pleasure leading such a wonderful group and I hope to do it again soon!! If you plan to attend this event or need additional information, please contact Judi.

Remember, anyone can lead an outing!  Pick a place to meet, send an invitation announcement to all members, and just have fun!  Let's get our calendar full of fun outings--hang out with other like-minded people.



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The Tacoma Photography Society is a proud member of these two exceptional photography organizations.


The TPS extends our sincere thanks to these local companies for helping us make our Annual TPS Spring Print Competition (displayed at the WA ST Spring Fair) a great success for us, and especially for all of the PNW photographer entrants!



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